FIO Protocol

Challenges in Transacting Tokens Today…

If blockchain is to achieve its potential of enabling easy decentralized movement of value, then the usability of moving that value between wallets in a decentralized manner must dramatically improve.

…Solved with FIO-Enabled Wallets

Wallets and exchanges are enabled through the protocol with enhanced workflow and usability for token transfers occurring on any and every blockchain. And this is accomplished without getting in the middle of the underlying transaction and without requiring any changes to other blockchain protocols.

FIO Addresses

  • Human-readable wallet identifier
  • Automatically supports any token in wallet/exchange
  • Customizable levels of privacy

FIO Requests

  • Request funds from any other wallet
  • Automatic notifications in recipient's wallet
  • Does not intercept underlying blockchain transaction

FIO Data

  • Encrypted metadata attached to any transaction
  • Supports data from a simple memo to structured data (like an order cart)
  • Allows for hashed references to off-chain datastores