FIO Members

Wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors and other entities that will integrate the open source FIO Protocol into their offerings can become FIO Members, which includes the following benefits:

  • Influence on the FIO Protocol's development
  • Free support with integrating the FIO Protocol into your products
  • Participation in FIO block production and economics
  • Pre-reservation of FIO Address domains

FIO Affiliate Members

Members of the blockchain ecosystem that want to support the FIO Protocol and provide input and guidance on its development, but whose offerings are either earlier in their development or are of the type that would never integrate the FIO Protocol. Benefits include:

  • Be on the inside on the FIO Protocol's development
  • Potential to convert to full membership for applicable projects
  • Pre-reservation of one FIO Address domain

FIO Community Members

End users of blockchain wallets and exchanges that desire to support the FIO Protocol and see it integrated into the products they use can join the FIO Community and participate in the growing dialogue. Eventually, select Community Members will be able to participate in the FIO Protocol’s closed beta test.

Developers and BPs

Developers are invited to chat about the technology and/or ask questions about documentation on either our Telegram, or at our Discord channel.

Potential block producer candidates are currently being onboarded - if interested, please reach out on our Request Information page.